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5 Ways to Practice Self-Care

Feb 14, 2019Lithe Lashes
By: Lithe Lashes

The concept of self-care has become quite buzzworthy lately, and though we hear the term more and more, it doesn’t mean we’re necessarily taking the time to put it into practice.

Chances are, when you think about self-care, your mind turns to pampering. Carving out time for a long bath, indulging in a massage, or treating yourself to fresh flowers. And though those may be ways you practice self-care, we’re also talking about small, simple habits that you can implement and practice on a daily basis, and subtle mindset shifts that can have a lasting positive impact.

Here are a few ways we like to practice self-care:

Create a self-care ritual as you get ready for the day.

How you start your morning can set the tone for the day, so it’s important to pay attention to your routine. This can include being intentional about when you get up, taking the time to brew that special cup of coffee or tea as you get ready, and filling your beauty regimen with intentional products that help you put your best face forward. It’s amazing how a simple swipe of a favourite lipstick or the right set of lashes can help us feel ready for whatever the day has in store.

Realize that beauty is as you see it — not defined by anyone else.

Exploring what beauty means to you is an essential step in the process of self-love, helping you embrace your own unique qualities without dwelling on outside perceptions or influences. Pay attention to (and learn to control) your inner dialogue, learning to love the characteristics that make you, you.

Start a daily gratitude practice.

A simple task you can implement as part of your morning or evening routine, spending the time to jot down what you’re grateful for helps to cultivate a positive mindset — an important element of self-care.  Make sure you include gratitude for yourself and your body, and treat this practice as a way to focus on all the good that’s happening in your life.

Get organized.

Perhaps not an obvious way to practice self-care, but our physical spaces impact our well-being and the way we experience our surroundings, so there’s merit in taking the time to design a space that brings us joy. Think about the function of a room and how you want it to feel, surround yourself with items you love, and eliminate clutter, instead focusing on finding a special place for everything.

Catch your breath.

A simple way to practice self-care, reminding yourself to stop and take a deep breath can be a grounding way to center yourself in the midst of a busy day or stressful situation. Whether it’s part of a meditation practice or simply a few slow, deep inhales and exhales, it’s a helpful way to regain a sense of control and feel calmer and more balanced.

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