What is your brand philosophy?

Lithe Lashes is all about finding beauty in simplicity and celebrating the finer details. Our unique collection of everyday lashes™ is crafted to subtly enhance, with natural always at the forefront of design. 

What makes Lithe Lashes unique?

Our entire collection is made from high grade synthetics and soft cotton bands. Our packaging is fully recyclable, as are our unique stowing trays — designed to preserve the curl in your lash.

Are Lithe Lashes vegan?

Yes! Lithe Lashes are vegan, 100% certified no animal by products. The lashes are made of 100% high grade synthetic materials and cotton bands.

Are Lithe Lashes cruelty free?

Of course! We leave the animals alone.

Are Lithe Lashes eco-friendly?

Yep! Our packaging is 100% recyclable, made from FSC certified paper.

How do you apply Lithe Lashes?

For an in depth tutorial on how to apply our lashes, head over to our How To page.

How do I know which lashes are right for my eyes?

We prefer to keep things simple. Our everyday lashes™ are designed to suit any eye shape, and since they’re ultra-natural looking, it’s all about your preference. Whether you want round or winged, a more minimal, classic or voluminous look, we have a pair just for you. Learn more about selecting the right lashes here. 

How do I curl my Lithe Lashes?

Our everyday lashes™ feature a natural curl, but if you want added drama you can definitely curl them. Please note that this could affect the integrity of the lash fibres.

Can I apply mascara to my Lithe Lashes?

We recommend using a clear mascara to help blend the lashes together if needed. However, applying mascara will limit the number of times you are able to reuse the lashes, so keep that in mind.

Can I get my Lithe Lashes wet?

Although our lashes are synthetic, it is not recommended to wet the lashes, as it could damage the band, natural curl and style of the lash.

Can I wear Lithe Lashes with lash extensions?

It is not recommended to wear Lithe Lashes with lash extensions.

What is the best way to remove Lithe Lashes?

To help minimize the pulling of the natural lash hairs, dab one end of a cotton swab with oil free eye makeup remover and gently run it across your lash line. Wait a few seconds, then carefully remove your lashes starting from the outer corner, gently pulling towards the inner corner.

How do you clean Lithe Lashes?

For tips, check out our How To page.

Can I reuse my Lithe Lashes?

Most definitely! Our lashes are handcrafted and created with the most durable cotton band that can be worn up to an average of 30+ wears. However, for hygienic reasons we recommend limiting wears to an average of 15 per pair. Please note that the number of wears is also unique to each person, and is impacted by how well your lashes are cared for.

How do I store my Lithe Lashes?

We’ve custom designed a unique lash tray to maintain the curl and shape of your reusable everyday lashes™. At the base of the tray, gently wrap the band around the inner circle. Optional: Using your fingers, gently push down on the lash hairs to fit the groove of the tray to enhance the curve. (Watch our lithelashes.com/how-to for tips on this.)

Contact for all other inquiries:

Email: info@lithelashes.com, Phone: 1 (905) 330-6788 (9am-4pm ET)