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Mink vs. Synthetic Lashes — And Why We Chose Synthetic

Feb 28, 2019Lithe Lashes
By: Lithe Lashes

If you’ve been in the market for false eyelashes recently, you’ve likely noticed that one of the big questions when it comes to choosing your style of preference is mink vs. synthetic. Mink lashes quickly gained popularity as a natural looking alternative to traditional synthetic lashes due to their lightweight nature and fluffy, natural curl, giving them a look that is more similar to our natural lashes and the slightly irregular way they grow.

It’s easy to understand the initial appeal. However, it’s also important to take a closer look at where these lashes come from.

What are mink lashes, and are they cruelty-free?

So what are mink lashes made of, anyways? They’re made from real mink fur. Though mink lashes are often sold as 100% cruelty-free because it’s claimed that the fur is safely collected from a free-range farm by brushing the minks, the conditions that these minks are kept in are sad. They’re often confined to small, depressing cramped wire cages in highly unsanitary conditions. According to PETA, because the minks are being farmed with the intention of eventually being killed for their fur and they are suffering in inhumane conditions on the farms, mink lashes cannot be approved by them, and they suggest seeking out alternative options.

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Why we chose synthetic

We set out to create a collection of lashes that is both ultra-natural and cruelty-free, choosing to use high grade synthetics and soft cotton bands that achieve the lightweight, delicate look and feel we ultimately want from our lashes. By crafting our lashes to mimic the way lashes grow, imperfections and all, we’re able to achieve that natural look that so many other synthetics miss the mark on.

A few other reasons we love synthetic lashes:

- No traces of mink oil — meaning they’re not as reflective and are more sanitary, making it a hypoallergenic choice

- Tougher and longer lasting — natural fibres break down faster, especially if they come in contact with other compounds

- Less costly — both environmentally, and economically


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