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How to Select the Right Lashes

Jan 23, 2019Lithe Lashes
By: Lithe Lashes

We took a unique approach when designing our core collection of lashes. Rather than letting our eye shape limit us to a particular lash style, the differences between our lashes are subtle and ultra-natural, providing you with the option to wear any style depending on the look you’re after. 

Choosing a Lash Shape: Round vs. Winged

The difference between a round and winged lash has to do with the shape of the lashes. The lashes on a round lash are roughly even the entire way around, and on a winged lash, they increase in length at the outer corner, creating the winged effect.

If you prefer a rounder and more spry look, try a round lash style, and if you prefer a more winged and elongated look, try our winged lash — it’s that simple.

Ready to choose your lash? Our core collection of ultra-natural lashes was crafted with the intention to compliment every eye shape.

Blog_Lithe Lashes_How to Select the Right Lashes_second image_close up of model's eye, a "before" shot of the eyes prior to applying lashes, with focus on studying what type of eye shape you have

Blog_Lithe Lashes_How to Select the Right Lashes_third image_close up of model's eye with a round lash on, and its effects on the look and eye shape

Blog_Lithe Lashes_How to Select the Right Lashes_third image_close up of model's eye with a winged lash on, and its effects on the look and eye shapeDetails to Consider: Length, Curl, Volume and Distribution

Achieving an ultra-natural look with lashes all starts with finding a balance — there’s a fine art to it, and you’ll want to pay close attention to what you’re starting with in order to refrain from overcompensating.

Knowing your own face, how you generally style it and what type of beauty look you’re after makes the art of subtly enhancing and achieving ultra-natural that much easier to master.

1. Start by studying your natural facial attributes. Pay attention to:
    • Eye size
    • How spread out or sparse your natural lashes are
    • How long your natural lashes are
    • Eyebrow shape and fullness


    2. Consider what you need your lashes for. Daytime wear or evening wear? Because…

      • Lighting matters
      • Daytime or evening makeup makes a difference
      • It’ll impact how bold you want to go with your lashes


      3. Determine the right blend of length, curl, volume and distribution for total lash customization.


      An example:

      If you have smaller eyes, thinner eyebrows and very short and sparse lashes, you’ll want to be more wary of selecting a set of lashes that will overpower your features. In this case, a suggestion for daytime wear or a minimal makeup look would be to select a lash that’s minimal or classic in volume, has short-medium lashes with randomly spread distribution. A style like this will blend in more seamlessly with your natural lash length and enhance your eyes.

      However, if this is for evening wear, you might want to try a classic or full volume lash, with medium or long, evenly spread lashes to complement a more glamorous, bold beauty look.

      When you’re shopping our core collection, you can find everything you need to know about each lash style under the Details section.

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