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We believe in finding beauty in simplicity and celebrating the finer details -- starting with your lashes. Every set of lashes is thoughtfully designed with you in mind, resulting in a collection of beautiful, wispy, everyday lashes™. Crafted to fit seamlessly into your every day, enhancing your natural beauty and elevating your routine.
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  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Reusable
  • Eco Friendly

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Both lashes styles felt light on my lids and looked so natural. Some strip lashes can leave my eyes feeling heavy and I can't wait to rip them off at the end of the night. With Lithe Lashes, I forgot that they were even on, until I removed my makeup in the evening.
Sandra Aragona
Lifestyle Blogger, Toronto
As a newbie to wearing lashes these are perfect because they are so light weight, with a flexible band. Very easy to put them on, and I barely feel them.
Coreen G
ASL Interpreter, Toronto
When I wore the Lithe Lashes brand, they were so natural I didn’t have to wear makeup with it! I would wear them to school as my everyday makeup with only BB cream and eyebrow gel to complete the look. I would highly recommend Lithe Lashes for anyone looking for an everyday pair of lashes!
Coco Miko
Graphic Designer, Vancouver
Lithe Lashes are the perfect light everyday lash if you're looking for comfort and undetectable glam. Love them for my ultra natural bride's who don't want anything to over power or weigh down their eyes!
Judy Lim
Makeup Artist, Toronto
Love, love, love these lashes! I've never used false lashes before and these were so easy and perfect to use! My style is simple and the lashes are so natural looking, it was a perfect match. I received so many compliments on them!
Jessi Mechler S
Actor, Los Angeles
I have never looked at an entire lash brand's collection and said "I would wear every single one of these styles" because no brand, in my opinion, has managed to master the right amount of natural, flair and luxe in every pair of lashes Lithe Lashes. These beauties felt so lightweight and natural to touch – truly a game changer in the world of lashes.
Jenny Duong
I love how natural and light they feel on, I don't even wear eye liner with them. The curve of the band sits so perfectly with the shape of my eye. Absolutely love!
Tara Ashley
Luxury Makeup Artist, Toronto

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