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Lithe Lashes®<br>2019 Allure Best of Beauty

Sep 18, 2019Linda Secondi
By: Linda Secondi
Am I dreaming? Is this really happening?

Two years since conception, ten months since incorporation, and what has felt like countless moments of hustle, bustle and (honestly speaking—lots of tears) has now led to the kind of market recognition I never dreamt possible—but it happened!

Blog_Lithe Lashes_2019 Allure Best of Beauty WINNER_Best Lashes_second Image_Signature Lash - 01 Fine & Delicate displayed in open white lash box, with ALLURE seal

This year, after having tested over 10,000 beauty products, Allure Magazine selected their top 250 leading and most innovative products in the market, awarding each with the red seal that is Best of Beauty. And yes, Lithe was 1 among those 250. Eep!

Ok, true story. When I was in elementary school, my dad used to give me a $5 weekly allowance, and each month I would always make sure to put enough aside to purchase the upcoming issue of Allure Magazine. And, as you might have guessed, my favourite section was always Best of Beauty. (Aside: when I told my husband Matt that I used to do this, he was happy to share that he used to put his weekly allowance toward candy. #priorities #lovemybusinesspartner)

Since 1996, Allure has been there, to help consumers sift through what can often seem like endless choices in beauty and fashion. And so through my years as an avid Allure reader, I strongly feel that their research and advice helped me to shape Lithe into what it is today: quality-focused Everyday Lashes ®, that are light on the eyes, vegan, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly. 

To have the very publication—the mag which I'd look to for clues, for answers, for inspiration—award Lithe Lashes ® their red seal as this year’s 2019 winner of Best of Beauty is both exciting and gratifying. And so it’s time to celebrate, and the proof needed that what was once an idea - a dream, can come true with a little blood, sweat … and of course, tears!

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