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Lash Extensions vs. Strip Lashes

Aug 16, 2019Lithe Lashes
By: Lithe Lashes

There’s nothing quite like waking up with beautifully full, lengthy lashes, and lash extensions provide the opportunity to do just that, no complicated daily beauty routine required. Convenient, yes, but as we all know, beauty often comes with a price, and that coveted simplified routine can require its own form of upkeep.

What are lash extensions? 

Lash extensions involve adhering individual lashes onto our natural lashes, resulting in a natural look that creates a longer, fuller effect and can be customized based on your specific desire. 

However, continuous wear without allowing our lashes a break can weaken the root of our hair shaft, causing long term lash balding or sparseness. In order to avoid this, it’s recommended to allow your natural lash hairs some time in between applications in order to rest. 

The life span of lash extensions varies based on the skill of the technician, the adhesive they use for the application, and most importantly, how well we take care of them, but generally they will last about three to six weeks. Simple actions like avoiding getting water and oil directly on the lash hairs, which may weaken or even dissolve the lash extension, will help extend their longevity. 

Lash extensions can range from $80-250 CAD for a full application, and then once the original lashes begin to fall off, a fill is required to apply new lashes. Though some places may offer free refills, it’s likely you’ll pay anywhere from $50-120 for the fill.

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 An alternative to lash extensions

Lithe Lashes® currently offers eight unique strip lash styles designed for everyday wear and natural-looking lashes. They are light, delicate, and easy to apply, as the unique shape of the tray maintains the curve of the band and integrity of the lash, while also providing the perfect stowing base for you to house your lashes in-between wears.

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The lashes themselves are ultra-natural looking, as we’ve used varying thicknesses and lengths to mimic natural lash hairs and the way they grow. They’ve also been tested and can be worn up to 25 times, contributing to their cost-effectiveness. 

Similar to other strip lashes, the band of the lash is applied directly to the skin, not the actual lash hairs, eliminating any potential damage to your natural lash hair.

The flat, black, perforated cotton band is super light and allows your skin to breathe, providing comfortable, all-day wear. 

Oh, and there’s one more added bonus — no eyeliner needed! The black band provides a beautiful three-dimensional lined effect, further simplifying your daily beauty routine. For an even more seamless effect, we sometimes recommend what we refer to as ‘tight lining’, where you apply a thin line of eyeliner along your natural lash line in order for the band to blend even more.

So whether you’re looking for a simple solution for in-between lash applications or an everyday strip lash alternative to extensions, give Lithe Lashes® a try. 

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