We recommend these lashes:

  • 01

    Fine & Delicate

    Our signature lash, the Fine & Delicate is a versatile pick for day to evening wear.

  • 02

    Everyday Round

    Tired eyes? Opt for spry eyes instead with the Everyday Round lash.

  • 03

    Everyday Winged

    The Everyday Winged is a timeless lash set for a subtle, lifted and elongated effect.

  • 04

    Ultra-Long & Graceful

    Add length with the Ultra-Long & Graceful lash to give the illusion of larger, rounder eyes.

  • 05

    Wispy & Willowy

    Feeling flirty? The Wispy & Willowy lash features contrasting lengths, clustered for a one of a kind effect.

  • 06

    Natural & Classic

    The Natural & Classic lash mimics the distribution of our natural lashes, elevating for an ultra-natural effect.

  • 07

    Full & 3-Dimensional

    The Full & Three-Dimensional lash is a glamorous set, perfect for a full make up look.

  • 08

    Criss-Crossed & Winged

    Try Criss-Crossed & Elegantly Winged, for an ultra-feminine cat eye effect.

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