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Lithe Lashes

About Us

We believe in finding beauty in simplicity and celebrating the finer details — starting with your lashes.  Because why complicate something so delicate?

We’re focused on transparency, and our lashes speak for themselves. A collection of beautiful, wispy, everyday lashes™. Crafted to fit seamlessly into your every day, enhancing your natural beauty and elevating your routine.

Our Story

Inspired by you and the simple beauty
of natural lashes — imperfections and all.

The world of beauty can feel overwhelming at best. Endless options and a multitude of lash enhancements occupy the market, and we found ourselves craving something simpler. A celebration of natural beauty instead of an attempt to mask it.

So we set out to create a collection of lashes that fit with this idea of simplified beauty, that would integrate seamlessly within our everyday routines. Because when it comes to lashes, we believe in two things — that we need options, yes, but that subtlety reigns supreme.

When developing our core collection of lashes, we wanted to focus on this idea that our eyes are delicate tools of communication, and there are subtle hints and clues to be found in the way our natural lashes grow.

In many lash collections, you’ll find the emphasis placed on creating perfect, consistent and symmetrical lashes, but the way natural lashes grow is quite the opposite — and we believe that is beautiful. With natural lashes, every individual strand varies in thickness, length and direction. Some are straight, some are curled. Some are fine, and some are thick. So instead of fighting this imperfection, we wanted to embrace it, to create a collection of lashes that draws inspiration from natural lashes. The result? Ultra-natural lashes. Lithe Lashes.

Lithe Lashes
Lithe Lashes