Lashes for Modern Beauty

We set out to create a collection of lashes that would integrate seamlessly within our everyday routines. Reducing our essentials and inspiring a more minimal and conscious lifestyle while celebrating natural beauty. With natural lashes, every individual strand varies in thickness, length and direction. Instead of fighting this imperfection, we wanted to embrace it, to create a collection that draws inspiration from our natural lashes. The result? Ultra-natural lashes. Lithe Lashes.
  • Cruelty Free

    We leave the animals alone, abstaining from all forms of animal testing.

  • Vegan

    Our collection offers an alternative to animal-derived hairs, using high grade synthetics and cotton bands.

  • Sustainable

    The packaging is entirely recyclable, from the FSC certified paper, to our custom designed stowing trays.

We are Lithe

Every aspect of Lithe has been designed around our core value of protecting the planet. That means everything we produce—from the products to the packaging—is sustainable.

We believe in enhancing natural beauty and celebrating the finer details. Our goal is to simplify your beauty regimen with our reusable lashes, designed to be worn time and again. Our custom reusable trays are designed to store your lashes safely between uses, extending the life of the product. And once your lashes have been spent (approx. 30 wears), the packaging is entirely recyclable.

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