Natural-looking, beautiful,
and conscious.

Lithe Lashes Bold Collection Style B3 - Kabuki, an image of a model’s face wearing lithe lashes on both eyes, with full makeup, looking from a left side profile, semi zoomed in, displaying the elegance of the lashes on her eyes.
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What is Lithe Lashes®?

In many lash collections, the emphasis is placed on creating perfect, consistent, and symmetrical lashes. However, the way our natural lashes grow is quite the opposite—every individual strand varies in thickness, length, and direction. So instead of fighting this imperfection, we wanted to embrace these qualities, thus inspiring the creation of Lithe Lashes® ...Each lash is handcrafted using a luxe blend of high-grade synthetic fibres, which are sewn onto a thin, durable, black or clear band. To achieve the most natural looking results, we use a various blend of thicknesses, lengths, and curls, accompanied by a special cutting technique to create the most three-dimensional and hair-like strands. The end result? A lash extension alternative made for everyday wear, crafted to fit seamlessly into your daily beauty regimen.

“I couldn’t find anything on the market that aligned with my values, so I built Lithe around a few core principles: the brand needed to be environmentally responsible and 100% cruelty-free, our product had to be superior quality and completely unique, and the experience needed to feel custom—from product to packaging. And last but not least, I wanted to create a more inclusive brand that celebrated more than a singular notion of what’s beautiful.”

– Linda Secondi
Founder & Creative Director, Lithe Lashes

Founded on the principles of exceptional design, dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail, Lithe Lashes centers around reimagining the classics for lashes that embody simplicity and a timeless appeal.

Mindful of the past, intentional with the present and kind to the future.