Cat Eye Set Cat Eye Set Cat Eye Set Cat Eye Set
Cat Eye Set
Cat Eye Set
Cat Eye Set
Cat Eye Set

Cat Eye Set

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The set features three winged lash styles (B1, B2, and B4) from our Bold Collection. Each pair enhances the natural length of your eye shape, giving you that ultra-feminine, cat-eye look. Shop this bundle and save 25%.


The Lithe Difference

In many lash collections, the emphasis is placed on creating perfect, consistent, and symmetrical lashes.

However, the way our natural lashes grow is quite the opposite—every individual strand varies in thickness, length, and direction.

Instead of fighting this imperfection, we wanted to embrace these qualities,
thus inspiring the creation of Lithe Lashes®.

Vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable.
Everyday Lashes® for everyday wear.


With Lithe Lashes being so natural, it just fits into my daily makeup routine.
Makeup Artist & Beauty Photographer
What's different about Lithe is that you're able to reuse them with the incredible packaging that they come in.
Lithe Lashes are one of the few pairs that you can wear and you almost forget you're wearing them.
Model & Makeup Artist
My first impression of Lithe Lashes was that it was comfortable, natural, and that the quality was amazing.
Brand Consultant

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