Our Philosophy

For us, beauty isn’t just about aesthetics. We believe that every piece of our brand story is part of the bigger picture, tying back to our values and what’s important to us. Intentional simplicity.

From the lashes themselves, to our specially designed tray, to the boxes they’re packaged in, every brand touchpoint is uniquely designed and crafted to align with our core principles of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Lithe Lashes



By encouraging the use of lashes as a way to explore and enhance natural beauty, our hope is that this brings you a more simplified beauty regimen, reducing your list of makeup essentials and inspiring a more minimal and conscious lifestyle.



Our reusable lashes form the core of our collection, crafted to be versatile, taking us from day to evening and fitting in seamlessly with our everyday beauty routines. The biodegradable inserts are designed specifically to stow your lashes, while the tray keeps the natural curl of the lashes delicately in place, ensuring they’ll last use after use.



We were surprised to learn how little packaging is actually recyclable in the cosmetic industry, often considered an afterthought, if at all, due to the challenge and expense of creating recyclable packaging. Knowing we wanted to do things differently and that eco-consciousness is important to us, we decided that our boxes would be made from FSC certified paper and be fully recyclable.