By: Linda Secondi

 Momma, Vanessa, rocking her cowboy hat/veil. 1983

My mother, Vanessa.

A shy, modest, incredibly warm and loving woman with an infectious smile and an uncanny ability to make anyone feel accepted and appreciated in her presence. What I admire most about her is the fact that she's an introvert (and she’ll tell you she is), yet she’s never, and I repeat never, been afraid to voice her opinion. Funny how this last statement makes me think of her philosophy on trends and how she’s always thought the world might actually be better off without them. She always believed that by removing the idea of trends, people would quench the feeling of never having enough and the desire to buy new things. That we might develop a greater appreciation for the possessions we own as they mature in sentimental value and maybe, just maybe, we might come to learn a little more about ourselves if we allowed our conscious to naturally gravitate towards the things we liked — completely uninfluenced by the media’s suggestions. It’s quite amazing how much her philosophical ways have resonated with me — because had it not been for her influence, I don’t believe I would have gravitated towards the reduce, reuse, recycle philosophy, or even the concept of everyday lashes.


Silverado resort in Napa Valley 1988/89 (...Ok, I want this outfit.)

My mother-in-law, Carol.

One of the coolest and most humble individuals I know. She’s genuine in what she loves and it's always personified in the art she creates — whether that’s crafting paper beads, making jewelry and selling it in her online shop, graphic design work, painting, writing, making ornaments, knitting, wood carving — or simply through her business ventures, like starting her own successful video media company, Groovy Concepts. A multi-faceted boss lady (since the ’90s) who’s been by my side as a mother, mentor, and bosom buddy, who has greatly inspired and helped me pursue my own business adventures as a female entrepreneur. Now, start giving yourself more credit. :)



Instructed by our photographer to pretend walk and converse with each other, naturally, we all had to refrain from bursting into awkward laughter.

And while the flowers and Mother’s Day cards have been distributed, I leave with a few parting words:

You are amazing women who are incredibly inspirational in the way you offer love to others, the way you live, and the way you choose to see things. In all honesty, I struggled with this post over the last few days, writing it just after our fun photo shoot together. Type/delete seemed to be my most popular keystrokes. I later came to realize that there truly isn’t any set of words that can accurately express the amount of gratitude I have for you both — it’s immeasurable. My relationship with each of you is so unique, special and quite simply, incomparable. I’m blessed to have not just one, but two mothers who shower me with unconditional love and support.

Love you from the bottom of my heart —

Happy Mother’s Day.


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