By: Hayley Hasessian & Kryselle Cabral

Summer is in full swing and it's time to bring out the sundresses and bask in the heat. It's also time to hop on one of the biggest classic summer trendsa natural, no-makeup, glowy look. Read on for two of the hottest beauty hacks to help you recreate this editorial makeup style!

Let’s start off with some soap brows. Sounds pretty weird right? This brow grooming method is meant to give you that fluffy, editorial model brow look, without the fuss of having a large glam squad by your side. Although we call it the soap-brow trend, you can use other household items like wax, hair gel, or even glue. Try out this Priscilla Ono (that’s Rihanna’s makeup artist!) approved look. 

Lithe Lashes Soap Brows Trendy Makeup Tips


So how do you do it? You’ll need three things: a glycerin soap bar, water or setting spray, and a clean spoolie. Start by, raking a damp spoolie-brush over a dry soap bar, then use it to brush your brows into a sharp arch using upward strokes. That’s it! The soap is meant to be used as a substitute for brow gel. It’s more forgiving, lasts longer, and is incredibly easy to play around with until you get the perfect shape. Beware not to use too much water though, sudsy brows aren’t a hot trend yet!  

And, if you prefer a more long-lasting method, allow us to highlight another procedure: brow lamination. Yep, it’s a thing! For $50-$60CAD, try out this technique at the salons. It’s essentially just a perm, but for your brows! It involves applying a lifting cream to the brow hairs that allow them to be easily groomed into the desired shape while giving them a slightly pushed back appearance as well. 

Next, let’s use the fox eye trend in order to complement your newly acquired fluffy brows. Another makeup method to emulate the lifted look, this minimal style provides an illusion of a brow lift, without the $7k price tag. Its a contouring technique inspired by talents like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid and is a great way to achieve the perfect no-makeup, glass skin-feel. 

Lithe Lashes Fox Eye Makeup Tips


It involves elongating the outer and inner corners of your eyes for a lifted and sultry look. Contour specific parts of your face, like your nose; and adding soft dabs of highlight to places like your brow bones. Pair this with a high ponytail to really accentuate the lift. Or perhaps shave off the edges of your eyebrows so the arch ends in the direction of your eyeliner. I know this may seem like a big leap, but this gives you the opportunity to try different brow shapes and angles!

Since this look focuses on the eyes, pair it with a set of fluffy lashes or take it a step further by bronzing your face at the end and voila! The Hadid sisters better watch out for your sharp new look!

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