By: Hayley Hasessian & Kryselle Cabral

Instagram’s latest colourful falsies trend has taken the internet by storm and we’re here for it! At Lithe, we celebrate diversity and that includes various makeup styles as well. We’ve seen this trend skyrocket in the past year, with artist Lauren Brown (@raggedyroyal) and Isabelle De Vries ( at the forefront of it all. 

Lauren grew her platform while posting constant looks and video tutorials with painted lashes showing us all how she does it—inspiring other artists as she went along. 

Lithe Lashes @RaggedRoyal Colourful Lashes Instagram

Lithe Lashes @RaggedRoyal Colourful Lash Instagram Trends

Isabelle De Vries created her very own collection of fun colourful lash styles and showcased many of these colourful works on her clients. How stunning are these?!?!

Lithe Lashes Isabelle De Vries Green Colourful Lashes Instagram Beauty Trends

Lithe Lashes Isabelle De Vries Colourful Lashes Instagram Trends

Here are some examples from other artists recreating this trend:

LIthe Lashes Yeshelllohi White Painted Lashes Instagram Beauty Trends

Eclectic white painted lashes created by @yeshelllohi

Purple Lashes

@tifanyviolet sporting fluffy, three-dimensional, glamorous-to-the-max purple lashes.

Neon Hot Pink Lashes

We simply can't get over how stunning these blended pinks go together. @keniamaldonadoc creates this fabulous neon pink painted lash look! (Check out the embellishments on the bottom lash line as well!)

Moreover, why stop at coloured lashes? Funky, embellished falsies have been seen on Pat McGrath’s runway looks and have sparked the likes of Lady Gaga and Gigi Hadid for the Met Gala.

 Lady Gaga Lash Trend

Makeup artists Sarah Tanno and Nicky Andrea created these incredible foil lashes for the 2019 Met Gala.  

Pat Mcgrath Valentino Spring 2019 Runway

Pat McGrath’s model for a Valentino’s Spring 2019 runway.

Gigi Hadid Met Gala 2019 Lash Trends

Makeup artist, Erin Parsons, is the genius behind Gigi Hadid’s striking white 2019 Met Gala lashes.

If these look all too familiar, you’ll remember the coloured mascara craze of the early 80s. With regular comebacks every few years, we can’t help but mention a few cult favourites like the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Royal Blue, the NYX Cosmetics Color Mascaras, and the Dior Diorshow color mascaras.

Stella McCartney Blue Lashes

Here’s Cara Delevigne wearing blue mascara for Stella McCartney.

Rihanna Coachella Pink Lashes

Rihanna’s pink 2019 Coachella look. Matching your mascara to your eyeliner like this will make it extra bright!

Here’s how you can hop on the trend too! All you’ll need is a pair of your favourite falsies and liquid lipstick or cream colour. Paint the lashes to your desired shade using the lipstick or cream base and pack powdered eyeshadow on top for that extra punch. Go a step further like Lauren Brown and match your lipstick with your falsies for a truly modern, monochromatic look!

Lithe Lashes DIY Paint Your Own Colourful Lashes At Home

@Hayleyelizabeth shows us how to DIY our own colourful lashes in this step-by-step pictorial! 💕


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