Six Bridal Makeup Looks For The Modern Bride

Six Bridal Makeup Looks <br>For The Modern Bride

Sep 14, 2020Lithe Lashes
By: Hayley Hasessian & Kryselle Cabral

Now that you have your wedding outfit accessorized and sorted, it’s time to think about the makeup look you’re going for. Wedding makeup can be slightly tricky. It’s something that will match your bridal aesthetic and will be captured in images, and regarded as a milestone in life. Our recommended tip is to work with your makeup artist to figure out a look that works for you, and then have a trial run (or two!) to test it out. This will prevent any makeup related stressors on your big day. If you’re unsure of where to begin, we’ve got you! Here are some makeup styles and inspiration to get you started...

Bridal Makeup Styles

1. Natural & Glowy 

Lithe Lashes Bridal Makeup Ideas Sergio Sandona

Sergio Sandona

If you’d like to show off your bare-faced beauty, this one’s for you. All you really need for this look is tinted moisturizer, cream blush, a liquid luminizer, tinted brow gel, and your favourite nude lipstick. 

2. Soft Glam 

Lithe Lashes Bridal Makeup Ideas elstilespb


If you want to add that extra bit of dimension to your photos, while still maintaining a natural feel, why not try a soft glam look. This incorporates a bit more structure and so you’ll need contour, a fuller coverage foundation, and a blend of dark neutrals on the eye. 

3. Avante Gard

Lithe Lashes Wedding Makeup Ideas Avante Garde

This look is great for those with an eccentric style but still want to keep things soft on your special day! Some small details like pearls or sparkles are an easy, eye catching addition to your makeup look! 

4. Glowy & Glossy ✨

Lithe Lashes Wedding Bridal Makeup Ideas Patrick Ta

Patrick Ta / Vanessa Hudgens

This look is beautiful especially for summer weddings! Pop on your favourite highlighters, a foiled high impact eyeshadow, and your favourite lip gloss (for longevity, add a lip liner base).

5. Soft Wash of Colour

Lithe Lashes Wedding Bridal Ideas Boho Pop of Colour

If colour is your thing, but you want to keep things soft on your special day, apply a lightly blended colour across the eye, paired with a soft lash and a nude lip for a toned-down look!

6. Classic Red Lip

LitheLashes Bridal Wedding Makeup Ideas Britt Sully Juliette Nadine

Britt Sully / Juliette Nadine

A red lip is always a classic! Make sure to find your perfect red beforehand of course! Do you prefer a blue based red? An orange red? Something light and blotted? Something full-coverage? Once you find your perfect red, you’ll feel your most glamorous self on your special day!

Tips for bridal makeup! 

1. Don’t skip out on false lashes! Even if false lashes aren’t typically your thing, we promise, they will complete the look. We recommend finding a light lash with a soft band. That way you won’t even feel them on your eyes. Lashes help accentuate your eyes when certain other features and details may get washed out in photographs. You could even try cutting your lashes and only wearing half the lash on the outer end of your eye for an extra lift and dimension. Click here shop our two most popular bridal lashes.

2. Make sure to put in the extra steps for the longevity of your makeup. Moisturize and prime properly according to your skin type in order to avoid getting dry or oily skin, AND to keep your base looking fresh as long as possible. Don't forget to set your makeup with powder and setting spray, and to test your primers (face and eye primer) beforehand. A little tip: wear them throughout the day, find what feels the most comfortable, that allows for the longest wear time.

3. Find your favourite lash glue. This is incredibly important. The last thing you want is itchy and irritated eyes on your special day. Make sure you do not have an allergic reaction to the adhesive by testing it on your skin before hand. Click here to shop our 4-ingredient Lash Bond, latex-free, and made for all-day-wear.

4. If you can, set up a trial with your makeup artist well inadvance or if you’re doing your own makeup, start to narrow down your favourite lip colour. Wear them for long periods of time, photograph yourself in different lighting and wear them through meals to see how they hold up, test out the different shades on your skin, and test for the longevity of wear.

Things to keep on hand during your special day

As a brand that works with various makeup artists, these are items to have on hand if your artist can’t stick around the whole time for touch ups! 

1. Your lipstick: Duh! Your special day is spent kissing, talking, eating and drinking! No matter the strength of your lipstick, you will probably need to touch up at some point.

2. Setting powder/foundation powder: Keep it light to avoid getting cakey throughout touch ups. We would recommend the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finishing Powder to keep your base looking as fresh and flawless as long as possible. Or for a more budget friendly option, the Maybelline Matte+Poreless Powder. This powder has a light formula that will blot oils and keep you from getting cakey throughout applications. 

3. Mascara and lash glue: We all cry at weddings, this will keep you still looking fresh, no matter how hard the tears fall! For mascara, we’d recommend the COVERGIRL Lash Blast Volume Waterproof Mascara, this mascara has an excellent clump-free formula and will help prevent streaking. For lash adhesive, the Lithe Lashes Lash Bond, of course! The white/clear for nude eye looks, or the black to add dimension. The fine-tip brush applicator makes it extra easy for quick touch ups. 

4. Setting spray: Luckily there are often mini sizes available to make it easy to keep in your makeup pouch! We’d recommend cult favourite Urban Decay All Nighter Long- Lasting Setting Spray. It comes in a mini size for convenience, and is a classic favourite for a reason! This will keep you looking fresh long after the tears, dancing and eating! 

Whether you choose to go with what you know, or you choose to try something new, your wedding makeup should make you feel comfortable and fresh. It’s important to stay true to yourself. We hope you found something to get you started, there’s plenty of inspiration for everyone!


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