By: Nikita Shah

The product development team at Lithe is always looking for ways to bring you the best false lash experience. In anticipation for the much-awaited launch of our newest Bold Collection, I sat down with founder, Linda Secondi, to talk about what inspired her to create the collection and what we can expect. 

(1) What inspired you to create this collection?

I drew a lot of my inspiration for the Bold collection straight from Instagram. I was inspired by many beauty influencers and professional MUA’s such as, Celine Bernearts, Brittany McGowan, Sarah Redzikowski, Anna Jantos, Amanda Benko, and many more. While admiring all their beautiful, wickedly creative and unique, vibrant makeup looks, I really wanted to design a collection of lashes that would not only continue to suit the everyday beauty regimen, but also suit the elevated makeup looks that I came across on Instagram. The initial thought that spawned from there was “What if I could come out with more fuller lash styles without compromising that natural look?”

Lithe Lashes Bold Collection Celine Bernaerts Brittany McGowan Amanda Benko

(2) What are some of the main differences between the Bold and The Core Collection?

I think the most obvious difference is the overall look of the lashes. They’re longer, fuller and in some ways, even fluffier. We’ve also provided the customer with a choice of clear or black band for each Bold lash style. This gives them the option to choose whichever band they think would complement their makeup look better. Of course, similar to The Core Collection, we put quality and comfort at the forefront — thin, lightweight, and flexible bands are always a must. 

Lithe Lashes Core Collection vs. Bold Collection

(3) Do the lashes still look natural?

Yes, totally. That was my objective — to create a collection that was fuller, more dramatic without compromising on the natural look. So whether you’re sporting a more glamorous makeup look, or an ultra-natural no-makeup look, you should still have the choice of having fuller, more voluminous natural falsies. 

Core vs Bold Collection | Lithe Lashes Comparison 

(4) How do you apply these lashes?

Similar to standard falsies, it requires lining the lash band with an adhesive, like Lash Bond and then adhering them to your lash line. For all lash beginners, we recently introduced Grip Liner, a 2-in-1 lash adhesive eyeliner, which makes lash application a cinch! All you have to do is line your eyes with the eyeliner and then place the lashes over the liner. And voila! We also offer a Lash Applicator to give the customer precise application every time. For more information we have a step-by-step guide on how to apply fake lashes. If you’re totally new and are looking for an easy lash hack, try doing this half falsies look

(5) How many styles are there and what are they like?

The Bold Collection offers 6 new lash styles that are all available in both clear and black band. Inspired by the name Bold, and the edgy makeup styles we often saw online, we decided to give this collection more of an edge by creating styles that offer flared, tapered and pleated designs. The Bold Collection ranges in length from 6mm, all the way up to 14mm.

New Bold Collection Lash Styles | Lithe Lashes

(6) What kind of looks would these lashes be ideal for?

Going back to the original reason why I created the brand, I wanted to create a lash collection that didn’t cater to one demographic or makeup style. Regarding the bold collection, I think it’s designed for someone that’s looking for a longer, fuller natural lash look. In terms of makeup style – makeup is art, so it’s really your preference to how you want to pair your looks with your lashes. 

(7) Do you have a favourite style?

I find a lot of people ask me this question and truthfully I don’t! I like to change up my makeup often and switch up my lashes every day! 

(8) When and where can I get them?

The collection just launched! You can click here to view the whole collection and find your new favourite Bold lash.

Lithe Lashes | Bold Collection

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