By: Nikita Shah

If you're looking for sophisticated soft glam style inspo, look no further than Cassie Roy. She's a Toronto-based interior designer, beauty aficionado, and lover of all things pink and pretty. We got to chat with her about how she perceives beauty and how she got to be on her path in interior design.

Could you introduce yourself to our audience and let everyone know who you are and what you do?

My name is Cassie Roy, I also go by Cas Roy. I am a practicing interior designer. I work at a boutique interior design firm in Toronto. I am a beauty lover, a self-care lover, and wellness lover.

When did you first become interested in beauty and makeup, and who was your inspiration?

I first got into beauty and makeup in my teenage years as most people do. I think back then beauty was such a big phenomenon on YouTube and that’s where I got inspired. I loved seeing new products and packaging and seeing how products worked. I was always really intrigued by beauty. I’d say that’s where I got my first taste of the beauty industry.

Who did you watch on YouTube?

Oh god back then it was like Blair Fowler, Elle Fowler. The OG YouTubers for sure, like way back then.

Do you watch any of the newer beauty vloggers?

I really like SACHEU Beauty, Sarah Cheung I believe is her name. She’s from Toronto, she’s a great influencer and her recommendations are amazing! I’m finding as I’m aging I’m focusing more on skincare rather than beauty but I do like to have a combination of both in my everyday life.

I’m the same way, as I get older I’m focusing less on eyeshadow looks and more on how to better treat my skin.

Especially while we’re home all the time during quarantine too, you really focus on not wearing makeup as much but more maintaining your skin. That’s what I found for myself personally. It’s about your gut health too, because it will show on your skin. So that’s another thing I’ve been really focusing on this year.

I noticed from your Instagram that you've been getting into wellness. I love that!

Mhmm, yeah I do have a close friend who is also studying to become a naturopath so she’s been my saviour when it came to fixing my gut health, that’s always been an issue of mine. So, I’ve been playing into wellness a little bit more because it’s something I’ve been focusing on this year.

What has your relationship with beauty been like?

I would honestly categorize it as pre-quarantine and post-quarantine. Before quarantine I was definitely the full glam girl. I loved wearing false lashes to work, loved doing foundation, dewy skin, highlight, contour, all of that. But then moving into quarantine and spending such a large amount of time at home I would only put on a face if I’m doing client calls, if I have any kind of meetings, or if I’m shooting content that day. It’s really changed in terms of my routine. I would say now I'm more focused on just looking very fresh and glowy when I’m at home because I’m not having to do such crazy contour or anything like that. I find when I’m shooting content, one thing I haven’t strayed away from is putting on a pair of false lashes because I love the way they make my eyes look.

What are your rituals when it comes to beauty?

My rituals have changed pre-quarantine to post-quarantine. Now I’m just concealing under the eyes so I look bright and awake. Blush has been a game changer for me. It wasn’t something I was focused on before but I find it adds such a nice flush colour to your face. As well just a little bit of highlight on the cheeks, under the brow, inner corner. I’d say that’s where I’ve moved towards. And of course just a bit of mascara and a bit of brow product and you’re good. You’re looking fresh and glowy and I find your makeup looks better throughout the day when it’s reduced.

Would you say you’ve been streamlining your routine to be just about the essentials and minimizing what you’ve been using?

Yeah! Back to the basics of what I really enjoy and my skin is much happier because I’m not using as much product. It’s really nice to really focus on that skincare aspect when I’m not wearing makeup and when I am it’s much lighter than what I was wearing before.

What is your go-to beauty product?

In general, I love the whole Fenty line. I love what Rihanna is doing. She’s always so innovative. Fenty highlight is one of my favourites. When I was wearing more foundation her Soft Matte foundation was my go-to. The whole line is really really good. I also have MAC products that I still like. Their blushes are they’re great! In terms of skincare, Paula’s Choice is one of my favourite skincare lines as well as Versed.

From looking at your Instagram it seems like you have exquisite taste. What is it about certain luxe products that draws you in?

In terms of general luxury products, packaging is a big one for me. I’ve always been drawn to graphic design because of the nature of my career. Looking at form, symmetry, colour, things like that really play into packaging for me. As well as creating a general aesthetic that really matches my own is really important. I’ve always loved the colour pink, it’s such a feminine empowering colour for me. Whenever I encounter that I get excited right away.

With Lithe, the first thing I was drawn to was the sustainable packaging because as a designer sustainability is something I take into consideration every single day and the impact I have on the industry and our world. I find the packaging was great, it was light and simple. the marketing photos were effective and having a nice little pop of a natural lash is really nice. I really love the brand as a whole.

That's awesome, thanks for that shout out! I noticed from your feed that you love pink. I feel like we can really get to know you from your feed.

Yeah that’s really what I wanted when I was changing out my feed to be more design focused. I just felt that I was at a place where I wanted to have fun with what I was doing and I wanted to reflect who I was and by curating something that feels more authentic to myself. I feel like my followers can understand who I am and understand what I love.

You've achieved it beautifully!

Thank you!

What sparked your interest in interior design and what do you love most about it?

I kinda grew up with interior design to be honest. My family built our own cottage when I was younger. I’ve moved a couple of times so I’ve been in the process of picking out selections and creating designs.

What a unique experience!

Yeah absolutely it’s not often you get first-hand experience but I really did grow up around design so that impacted my passion. As I moved into college I decided that’s the route I wanted to take. I really enjoyed what was out there, what was new and I was always looking at innovative, sustainable and accessible designs. I just think that’s the direction the industry is going. I’m just really drawn to it because I wanted to find this place where I was already comfortable because I grew up with it. I’m finding more and more that interior design is becoming a passion for people who didn’t even study it and I think that’s amazing!

Tell us a moment in your career that you’re most proud of.

I’d say my current job, actually. I’m working for an all-female firm; my boss is great! I’m getting really involved with site visits, client visits, purchasing appointments and all of the nitty-gritty of the interior design process which is amazing especially since we’re technically still in quarantine so it’s nice to be respected and valued at a firm that really wants to see you excel while keeping you safe. So I’d say what I’m most proud of is being a part of this team because it’s been driving my passion even more.

What would be your dream project?

I’ve always been a big fan of the Weeknd who is from Toronto. I’ve always had a passion for designing retail spaces so I think it would be really cool to design a pop-up shop of his. He has a new project called HXOUSE which is one of his social projects that he and his team created in Toronto as well. I’d love to collaborate with them to build spaces for entrepreneurs and empower young creatives. I just think it would be so nice to give back to someone I’ve always appreciated and looked up to in my life and have a chance to design something interesting with him and his team. To collaborate with someone I’ve always valued and give back to the community would be really cool.

What do you enjoy spending your time outside of work?

Friends and family really do come first for me but I do like my own little hobbies. Reading is a really big hobby of mine. Back when we could, thrifting too, I just loved to see what was out there. Self care is huge for me, focusing on my wellness or getting myself prepped for the week.

What are some of those self care rituals?

Face masks, eye masks, make myself a tea, grab myself a good book. Sometimes I do a tarot reading. Spirituality is a big one for me for my own self care.

Are you reading anything interesting right now?

I am! I’m always reading a few books. The one I just picked up is The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor. It’s all about how a positive brain fuels success in work and life. I’ve really enjoyed this book so far. Some other books I’ve enjoyed are Work Party, I think that’s such a staple for me. Pretty Good Advice. I’m a big book junkie. There are so many good books that are coming out that are so inspiring. It’s nice to share books with friends because we are at home and it’s like a piece of a shared friendship when you read something with someone and you can talk about it together.

How has the pandemic affected your work?

The pandemic has definitely affected my work in many ways. I was working at a different company in April of last year. I had time off for quite a few months and I regrouped and decided I wanted to change careers. I started applying and seeing what was out there. During that time I really I re-centred myself in terms of my values and hobbies that I didn’t have the time for previously, so that’s when I got back into meditation, reading, tarot reading, things that were really the foundation of who I was but didn’t have the time because of my previous career. And as I got into my new job in December I was working remotely with clients and creating spaces - working virtually on a project from conception to completion. That’s where Zoom comes in handy and Google Hangouts. It’s nice to be able to schedule appointments and still feel safe with your clients.

Can I ask what you were doing before the pandemic?

I was in a retail luxury furniture store. It was a different dynamic from working at a firm versus working in a retail setting, especially with the pandemic and being exposed. I didn’t feel safe and that’s when I decided I needed a change in my career. Plus it already aligned with what I studied in school and what I was working towards. So having everything fall into place when I really needed it was the perfect opportunity for me. I think the pandemic made a lot of people revisit what they value and what terms they wanted to live with. It’s nice to see so many people finding themselves during this unprecedented time and coming out better on the other end.


Cassie has been on an inspiring journey and we can't wait to see where she goes next! Don't miss her takeover on our Instagram stories!

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