By: Hayley Hasessian & Nikita Shah

A lot happened in 2020 so you may have missed some of the beauty trends going on last year. Don’t worry if that’s you – like a good lip liner, we’re here to fill you in. We’ve compiled the three biggest trends of the last year for you to try out yourselves! The beautiful thing about these trends is that you hone them to your own personal style, whether you prefer subtle or bold looks. Let’s get into these trends: 

Trend 1 - Half falsies 

This delicate sophisticated look is great for both lash beginners and seasoned lash aficionados alike! It gives a subtle lift to the eye, adds some length and volume to the lashes, and is more comfortable! This trend will keep your makeup looks feeling casual and wearable for day-to-day, but will elevate it with a little extra glamour. Adding a small winged liner also helps with the lifting effect, giving your eyes a more open, cat-eye look. 

Get the Look: 

Pick out your favourite pair of lashes, based on whether you want to add subtle length or volume to the eye. Cut the lash in half and use the outer corner. Apply a light layer of your favourite lash adhesive (we’d recommend our personal favourite, Lash Bond, of course!). Apply directly to the outer corner of your lashes for the most natural look!

Before and After image showing how half lashes lift the eye and adds glamclick through for tutorial

Trend 2 - Bratz lips

Overlining your lips certainly isn’t a new trend, but the rise of Bratz-inspired makeup is. Bratz dolls are known for their signature plump lips which have influenced a style of overlining, where the focus is to round out the cupid’s bow. This gives a fuller, rounder, doll-like appearance to the lips and lifts them into a poutier shape! Someone who really propelled this trend is influencer Snitchery, who posted multiple tutorials on this lip shape! 

Get the Look:

Grab your favourite lip liner – we’d recommend a slightly deeper shade, and make sure the liner is freshly sharpened for the best application! Then, line your lips like you normally would (without overlining). Now, overline the centre of your bottom lip, then your top lip. While overlining your top lip, round out your cupid’s bow, going over it and filling it in. Using a deeper lip shade for this step will add dimension and help conceal the overline.

Before and After of the Bratz doll lip tutorial by Snitcheryclick through for tutorial

Trend 3 - Blush contouring 

With deep roots in the 70s and 80s, blush contouring is slowly making its rounds back in the modern beauty world, with a current take on it of course! Think Blondie and Cher, but with a polished Patrick Ta twist. Blush contouring is exactly what it sounds like: using blush to reshape the face. This works especially well on the high points of the cheeks and temples, and the chin. This also brings a youthful glow to any makeup look! 

Get the Look:

Grab your favourite blush colour (the formula doesn’t matter, if you prefer liquid, cream or powder – it’s all good!), apply to the high points of the cheeks and temples using a soft brush. Applying the product higher up on the face will create a natural contour! Using a glowy or shimmery blush will add a youthful glow to the skin as well!

Glowing blush contourclick through for tutorial

Trend 4 - Faux freckles 

Faux freckles are a fun, youthful final touch to add to any makeup look. They pair exceptionally well with a bronze or blush look, adding more dimension and detail to the skin. 

Get the Look:

Use a stippling sponge with lots of open pockets for an organic texture, and a couple contour or blush shades for a natural effortless finish. Using a couple different shades will add extra dimension and appear more realistic!

YouTube beauty artist demonstrates faux freckles using many different techniquesclick through for tutorial

Trend 5 - Fox eyeliner (inner corner)

A big trend this past year was fox eye makeup, where the goal is to elongate the eye. An element of this was to put either eyeliner or eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye, thus drawing the eyes in and giving a sultry cat-eye appearance. What’s great about this hack is that a minimal  amount of liner or shadow here will make an impact! 

Get the Look:

Use a freshly sharpened pencil liner, or a fine liquid or cream liner for the most precise, delicate application! A little goes a long way, so use a steady hand and a precise product!

Close up of a fox eye makeup look with a touch of eyeliner in the inner cornerclick through for tutorial

We hope these looks inspired you to try something new and creative with your day-to-day looks! It’s a perfect time to lay out your brushes and experiment. Which trend are you going to tackle first?


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